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  • Galleria d'arte
  • Galleria d'arte

Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

In the period June 26 2021 - September 5 2021 we are in our new gallery in Pietrasanta, (LU) Via Garibaldi 93.
The selections are open for personal, two-person and collective exhibitions


About us

In 2017, Patrizio Basetti and Marta Babbini opened, "ARTISTIKAMENTE", a new space for modern and contemporary art in the city of Pistoia, not far from Florence. The gallery offers a welcoming and relaxing environment in which to enjoy and discuss art as well as to discover Italian art’s new emerging faces. Here, the traditional gallery concept encounters experimenting with new concepts, thus making possible exchanges between artists, collectors, and art historians.



26 giugno 2021

PIETRASANTA (Tuscany) is the main international center for sculpture. I would say it is the "Mecca" of sculpture. The city lies beneath the spectacular Carrara marble quarries. Dozens of marble workshops and bronze foundries attract artists from all

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